Shay Lhea


Good day! Mask Designer here and at your service! My current and primary focus revolves around designing wearable objets d’art which currently have a worldwide audience and client base!

As a self-taught artist (who previously existed as a painter and sculptor), the principal reason why I’m now drawn to creating wearable accessories and disguises is because I’ve always operated under the assumption that when anyone dons a mask or hat, they feel as if they finally have an opportunity to flaunt a dormant or hidden aspect of who they truly are.

I’ve never believed that a person who chooses to wear a mask has any intention of hiding, but instead would rather reveal a private truth they might otherwise be unable to display to the masses in their daily life. My intent in life is to be a kind of 'Character Facilitator’.

One can wear a mask for any number of wonderful occasions but I often where masks for no reason at all! Sometimes I'll wear one strolling through the woods, or in the grocery store or to the theater... and why not? I strive to make every single day of my life an event, and you can too... just follow my lead!