Oculto Masks.


Oculto Masks is a Vancouver-based couture mask/headdress designer and her primary focus revolves around designing second-skin objets d’art for a worldwide audience and client base.

With a background in sculpture and painting, she soon shifted from constructing exanimate objects to forging tangible personas that could be literally embodied by their admirers. The veneers she manifests are in actuality... living, breathing entities which she ushers onto this plane from other nearby dimensions.

She believes in exercising, not exorcising one's demons, because a demon is only another version of yourself, appearing in a form unrecognizable to you.

Mask-wearers do not hide, they simply prefer to reveal their truths beneath a disguise. Truths that might never have come to light without the aid of a mask.

Oculto is a Character Facilitator who gives the soul a shape and exists to draw your entity out.